Swiper Social

Social entertainment platform where users can interact in games, build and exchange social graph for live earnings.
Statistics, Sep 2023
Swiper is built on three pillars architecture model: Interact and play Games, share to grow Clans and exchange Social Graph.
Swiper 3 pillars architecture
Share to build Clans
Swiper allows you to start your social graph by sharing the App with friends and building great Clan. A social graph, in the context of social networking and online social interactions, is a visual representation of the relationships and connections between individuals within a social network. Swiper illustrates who is connected to whom and how they are related within a web3 community.
A world-class social entertainment platform
Entertain, Engage and Earn
As a social entertainment platform, Swiper offers games and other recreation activities to its users so that they could earn cryptocurrency while entertaining and interacting with each other.
Users entertain, interact and earn in games
Exchange Social Graph
Swiper is creating a decentralized and user-controlled Social Graph within the Web3 ecosystem where users could build up Clans, generate keys and exchange with each other for Live Earnings.
Buy and sell Clan keys on Social Grapgh exchange
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