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Core Team

Sportwave core team comprises of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in sports, finance, technology, and community development.
Mufasa – Co-founder in charge of economics & business
Used to be a PhD candidate at University de Strasbourg (France), he is a senior investment expert with 12 years of experience managing a 6B$ portfolio in the energy sector and total deal value of over 500M$.
Scar – Co-founder in charge of operation
After getting the BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Technology and Science, he was the lecturer and trainer of the famous AMC International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). He then becomes a senior algorithm expert with over 10 years' experience in arbitrage and smart money detection.
National Informatics Olympiad (1st prize, 2004)
National Informatics Olympiad (3rd prize, 2003).
Jarvis – Co-founder in charge of technology
As a genius BSc. in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), he worked over 08 years as full-stack engineer in majors, including Microsoft, Viki, Anduin Transaction and Google Inc.
International Olympiad in Informatics (3rd prize)
Champion in AMC/ICPC
23th ACM/ICPC (3rd prize)
National Informatics Olympiad (2nd prize).
Kiburi – Co-founder in charge of marketing and partnership
He is a proactive guy who is also a co-founder of a successful GameFi on Avalanche and Web3 prediction game on Binance smart chain.
Timon – Co-founder in charge of creation
With much experience in designing for crypto projects, he is responsible for the art and visualization
Peter Luwig – Founding Member, Backend Lead
After graduating from the University of Technology and Science with a Samsung scholarship, he has 12 years' experience as a software engineer in a telecommunication group and Sea Group.
National Informatics Olympiad (3rd prize, 2006).
Dennis Stone – Founding Member, Data Lead
After graduating as the best Computer Science student, he has 12 years' experience as a software engineer in Samsung and Garena.
National Informatics Olympiad (3rd prize, 2008)
National Informatics Olympiad (2nd prize, 2009)
Harry – Founding Member, Frontend Lead
After graduating from the University of Industry, he built up strong experience in software development with diverse domains over 8 years. He worked as a full stack developer and technical leader in different projects.